Our aim

TETTRIs aims to produce a transformative change in the role played by taxonomy in tackling biodiversity challenges by boosting taxonomic capacity and transferring critical scientific knowledge to societal actors

Our vision

The community of facilities, collections and experts gathered around CETAF envisions that the taxonomic knowledge and expertise required to study, protect and manage biological diversity throughout Europe become easily and openly accessible, sustained over time and integrated into decision-making processes. To achieve that, TETTRIs contributes to Transform Taxonomy in Europe trough:

  • Training: Advancing taxonomist workforce, with capacity building and training programmes to facilitate the continuous upgrade of competencies and skills.
  • Research Transfer: Engaging citizen scientists in natural sciences, as key actors in co-generating taxonomic knowledge and collecting biodiversity data.
  • Innovation: Developing innovative methods and digital solutions to improve taxonomic knowledge, support integrative and comprehensive taxonomy, speed up species discovery and description, and making collections and knowledge available at large scale.

Our objectives

Objective 1 - INDEX

Create an expertise marketplace to index currently available international taxonomic data and expertise

Objective 2 - INTEGRATE

Develop an online knowledge platform for the integration of, and access to, taxonomic resources and tools

Objective 3 - PROVIDE

Formulate a roadmap for physical and digital reference collections and validate it by creating a pollinator reference collection

Objective 4 - FACILITATE

Develop a sector-specific training framework and demonstrate it by facilitating training programmes that increase professional and non-professional taxonomy expertise

Objective 5 - FOSTER

Test and validate the innovations developed with new taxonomic tools

Objective 6 - SUPPORT

Develop and secure a joint vision and action plan with academic and non-academic stakeholders to broaden the taxonomy career path and perspectives