We are a Consortium of 17 Partners joining efforts with the European Commission to tackle the shortage of taxonomic experts and resources (tools, training, access to funding) referred to as the “taxonomic impediment”. It is recognized as one of the major European and global obstacles in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity due to basically: the lack of recognition of taxonomy as a robust science by peers and policymakers and the considerable lack of well-trained professionals.The current siloed knowledge with limited interaction between interested stakeholders and practitioners, and across the multiple layers of taxonomy, is mainly a result of the limited taxonomic infrastructure at local, national, regional and global levels.

TETTRIs advances solutions and innovations, within the evolving scientific and technical landscape, to consolidate, create, enhance and enrich taxonomic knowledge, training and capabilities.

TETTRIs will tackle this endeavour through two instrumental pillars, namely Knowledge (WPs 1, 4 and 6) and Systems (WPs 2, 3 and 5) with final implementation anchored on two connecting mechanisms, Validation and Transfer, operating respectively through the The Parties Project (WP7 and Annex I) and the Taxonomic Knowledge Transfer mechanism (WP8).