TETTRIs triggers change in taxonomy for accelerating understanding of life on Earth and generating practical and political measures and mechanisms to tackle biodiversity loss effectively and urgently, by:

  1. consolidating and reinforcing taxonomic research capacity to create knowledge;
  2. taking an innovative and multidimensional approach to implementing technology and systems; and
  3. transferring knowledge from the scientific community to targeted audiences, for validation through third parties’ projects.


TETTRIs methodology considers an overarching coordination force sustained on two pivotal pillars: (i) Knowledge and (ii) Systems, connected through two connecting streams, (a) Validation and (b) Knowledge Transfer


Lack of taxonomic research capacity and digital networking in hotspot areas can be solved by breaking silos of knowledge and building comprehensive reference collections (WP1). New training formats (WP4) and advanced technology (WP6) can be leveraged to accelerate taxonomic research and can be used to integrate the currently dispersed knowledge and resources, for facilitating access, capacity building and sharing.

Pillar 2: SYSTEMS

Increase of taxonomic research capacity is to be achieved by creating an environment that is conducive to knowledge growth and exchange, by means of integration (WP2) of taxonomic resources to enable cross-domain data linkage. Expertise connectivity (WP3) is facilitated by building a taxonomic e-services and resources marketplace while recognition (WP5) will strengthen the role of taxonomy in educational curricula at universities.

Connecting streams

Connecting Stream 1: VALIDATION for assessment and further improvement of outcomes through initiatives in the field: the 3rd Parties Projects for implementation (WP7) that will mobilise, crystalise, and test the tools and mechanisms developed under TETTRIs, while spreading the community actions and engagement and widening the multidisciplinary applicability of taxonomic content.

Connecting Stream 2: TRANSFER towards impact and sustainability by embedding taxonomy into society. Consolidation of TETTRIs impact and sustainability (WP8) is ensured by dissemination and exploitation efforts, targeting decision makers, citizen scientists, professionals and the general public