The TETTRIs call for project is now closed. We are reviewing the dozens of applications received. We will submit the applications to the screening commission who will decide which are the most valuable project to be funded. The result will be published at the beginning of December 2023.


Objective 1

To support, guide and supervise the establishment of adequate facilities in a pilot number of local nodes: 

(i) enable the transfer of knowledge from educators, fundamental research and collections holders to people working in practice in biodiversity conservation in local nodes, hotspots and protected areas and 

(ii) activate mechanisms to engage taxonomy related participation in the field. 

Objective 2

Design and deploy a cascade funding mechanism to third party projects (3PP) to test the implementation of the developments under WP1, 4 and 6.

Objective 3

Based on 3PP results and other data, make recommendations on building capacity in taxonomy and ensuring long term sustainability of the novel networks developed under the 3PP.