Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)

The Project Coordinator, RBINS, is a Federal scientific institution which holds one of the largest European natural history collections. Its Operational Directorates Taxonomy and Phylogeny studies animal biodiversity and evolution, and more specifically, speciation, adaptation, biotic interactions, and integrative taxonomy. It holds various expertise (such as DNA barcoding, training development, stakeholder engagement, and development of reference collections) and hosts and manages the DEST platform. RBINS has also contributed to several major citizen science projects funded by the EC DG Research FP, DITOs and EU-Citizen Science. In TETTRIs RBINS will contribute to the trainings framework programme and lead the implementation of molecular (NGS) tools (WP6). RBINS will lead WP9 and is responsible for the financial-related tasks and collaborate in tasks throughout the project.