Timeline: May 1st 2024 - October 31st 2025

Expected grant: 150,000

Taxonomic Name Linking Services - TNLS

We are curators of major, global taxonomic datasets. This project will enable the integration of  name matching services with those of the TETTRIs participants and thus link multiple datasets via a common, global taxonomic backbone system. There are four main work areas: A common name matching design pattern, that is applicable across multiple projects, will be developed. Changes will be made to existing services to bring them into line with this pattern. Practical support will be provided to local checklist providers to integrate the name matching services with their data. Development of a taxonomic notification capable of keeping researchers informed of taxonomic changes will be explored. Because this is an integration support project it is designed to fit in flexibly with other Work Packages and Tasks within the TETTRIs project. The outputs will be relevant to other topics, such as by providing IDs for pollinators and their hosts.



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