Timeline: March 1st 2024 - October 31st 2025

Expected grant: 149,300

Training for the European Orthoptera Sound System - TEOSS

TEOSS aims at improving Orthoptera recognition in Europe based on sound recordings. 1 – We will organize four international workshops, one in each European Mediterranean peninsula. Training includes a practical syllabus for recording high quality Orthoptera sounds and intensive field work for collecting numerous samples. 2 – Expert taxonomists will identify individuals with collected sounds, a most critical step for establishing reference collection. Raw data will be published in online biodiversity platforms and remain widely available. 3 – We will feed EOSS with public libraries and update its taxonomical coverage. Activity of trainees and new members of EOSS community will be triggered through social media and scientific meetings, such as the European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation. 4 – Machine learning (AI) will be further trained on EOSS in collaboration with the TETTRIs consultants.


Andalusia, Spain

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