Timeline: September 1st 2024 - October 31st 2025

Expected grant: 163,839

Soil Meiofauna Advanced Taxonomy school - SoilMATs

The SoilMATs project involves 3 teams (from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic) and aims to increase the experts in soil fauna with two consequent actions: i) training by TETTRIs trainers to future local trainers (FTL), once completed the training, the FTL will provide evaluations and support to empower the TETTRIs program; ii) training by FLT to scholars on TETTRIs topics, implemented with focus on soil meiofauna and local protected areas. The latter training is also aimed to strengthen the FTL training through teaching. An international network, able to address local requests about soil fauna conservation and foster the trainees’ career as taxonomists and their involvement in conservation projects, will be established. The TETTRIs collaboration and supervising, featuring experts in various taxa, will help to form a generation of taxonomists able to use new taxonomic tools and raise the local communities awareness on biodiversity importance and conservation.



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