Timeline: January 2024 - August 2025

Expected grant: 176,800

Implementing cost-effective genomic tools for high resolution species delimitation in recent plant island radiations in Macaronesia - NEXTRAD

NEXTRAD will target the Macaronesian Lotus (ca. 44 recognized species) with has a high number of neoendemic and red-listed species. Our previous analyses have shown that most of the current diversity in Lotus originated during the last 2 Ma. This has posed challenges for species delimitation based on single-locus nuclear markers and/or plant barcoding. Despite the low levels of marker variation found in Lotus, the group has high morphological and ecological diversity, and we still lack reliable estimates of its species richness in Macaronesia. NEXTRAD will evaluate the limits of resolution of the TETTRIs multilocus and a universal target sequencing in species delimitation in this genus. Our approach will combine these genomic tools with morphological, and ecological data to provide robust estimates of species richness. The pipelines obtained will be transferred to local institutions working with the taxonomy. These tools will be further used in conservation strategies.


Aas, Norway

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