Timeline: January 1st 2024 - October 31st 2025

Expected grant: 193,140

Making biodiversity knowledge available: an integrative, appealing and dynamic digital dashboard for sedges (Plantae, Cyperaceae) - iSedge

The taxonomic impediment hampers an accurate knowledge of biodiversity due to shortage of taxonomic data and lack of taxonomists for certain groups. Moreover, data associated to taxonomy is widely dispersed in a variety of different online resources. Digital dashboards help tackle the taxonomic impediment. These are portals that compile taxonomic information and associated data from multiple sources, making it readily available for experts, amateurs, and the general public. The sedge plant family (Cyperaceae) is among the ten largest families of angiosperms. This project – iSedge –  aims to build a novel and transformative digital dashboard devoted to sedge taxonomy using Aphia data platform, managed by local experts, and whose results will link local data to global tools as WFO (World Flora Online). We will produce an all-in-one taxonomic digital dashboard, open accessed, and long-lasting. iSedge will be a continually updated digital research tool and field guide.


Seville, Spain

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