Timeline: January 1st 2024 - October 31st 2025

Expected grant: 199,600

Instigating a National Reference Collection for Spain’s Threatened Pollinators - INC-STEP

INC-STEP will initiate an accessible Spanish national pollinator reference collection for six groups: families Hesperiidae and Papilionidae (Lepidoptera), subfamily Eristalinae (Diptera; Syrphidae), and genera Bombus, Colletes, and Xylocopa (Hymenoptera; Apoidea). We will undertake comprehensive expert taxonomic review for these taxa across five partner institutions; analyse taxonomic and geographic gaps in the five collections; and develop tools to facilitate incorporation of specimens from additional public and private collections. We will implement innovations to fill identified resource gaps, including identification sheets for easily confused species; specimen digitisation to create pilot virtual collections; and an interactive online collections map. We will develop a national reference collection according to FAIR principles, and will trial the database and innovations with stakeholders at dedicated workshops. Our workflow will allow testing of a reproducible protocol, including evaluation of TETTRIs tools and the investment of time and personnel, to develop a national pollinator reference collection.


Madrid, Spain

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