TRD in Austria: businesses, media and politicians targeted by NHM Vienna

For the Taxonomy Recognition Day, The Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria, hosted high-ranking representatives from business, media, and politics to meet with in-house taxonomists. The discussions highlighted biodiversity as an important resource for the participating companies. The Vienna NHM keeps on reiterating this concept as they brilliantly did at the Stakeholder Lab 2, last November. Biodiversity research through taxonomy is essential. It also became clear that taxonomic research is highly interdisciplinary and attractive, and that collections, as fundamental research infrastructure, need to be utilised more intensively. The Museum obtained great media coverage for the event.

As the next steps, it was agreed to collaborate on increasing public awareness and, if possible, to advance the utilization and taxonomic research of collections through funding programs and other activities to be specified further.

In addition to this meeting,  the long night of research on May 24 had a large focus on taxonomy, reaching more than 2000 people. TETTRIs was highlighted in particular. 


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