Stakeholder lab success

The Natural History Museum of Vienna played host to an inspirational TETTRIs stakeholder lab last night. The lab proceeded the 54th CETAF General Assembly.

Deck50 is a modern experimental space at the museum. It was created to explore connections between research and contemporary issues. It was here experts in taxonomy, consisting of many members of CETAF, met with experts in industry including CEO’s a business representatives.

The lab conveyed a crucial message—integrating taxonomy into industrial practices is essential for the sustainability of both the science of taxonomy, the economy, as well as biodiversity. In almost every sector, supply chain lead back to ecosystem services that depend on biodiversity.

Colombe Warin of the European Commission gave an opening speech in which she quoted the godfather of taxonomy:

“If you don’t know the names of things, the knowledge of them is lost too.” Carl Linneaus.

In the coming week’s we will share more insights from the laboratory.


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