TETTRIs officially starts today!

December, the 1st, 2022: TETTRIs starts today!  

The name is a bit strange, isn’t it? What’s #TETTRIs, an arcade game?
Not at all! It’s a new Horizon EU project, a joint endeavour and the first one led by the #CETAF community! 

We are very excited for this adventure to start. TETTRIs stands for Transforming European Taxonomy through Training, Research and Innovations, and it’s a 42-months project, ending in May 2026 with a budget of about 6M euros. TETTRIs will support third-party projects for cascade grants of about 1.8M euros.

The kick-off meeting of the project will be held in Belgium, at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, from the 18th to the 20th of January, 2023 at the presence of representatives from all the 17 Partners of the Consortium.


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