TETTRIs Introduces the Inaugural Taxonomy Recognition Day to Elevate Awareness of a Vital Scientific Field.

TETTRIs, a pioneering EU-funded initiative aiming to increase taxonomic capacity in Europe, announces the launch of the first Taxonomy Recognition Day on May 23, 2024. This kick-off event, organized by a Europe-wide consortium of Natural History Museums, research institutes and taxonomic facilities, marks a milestone in advancing the recognition and appreciation of taxonomy’s critical role in preserving global biodiversity.

Chosen to coincide with the birthday of Carl Linnaeus, the renowned “father of Taxonomy,” May 23rd serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of this foundational scientific discipline. Taxonomy Recognition Day stands as a collective testimony of the European taxonomic community to spotlight taxonomy’s indispensable contributions to scientific inquiry, conservation efforts, policy formulation, and industrial practices. 

Across Europe, participating institutions will host events on May 23rd, inviting leaders from academia and industry, policymakers and journalists to explore and underline the profound impact of taxonomy in a wide array of disciplines. 

Taxonomy is an essential science in agriculture, business development, medicine, cosmetics, and policy. Moreover, it is the foundational basis for the protection of biodiversity (#NameItToSaveIt).  Taxonomy plays a role in the every-day of everyone, and the Taxonomy Recognition Day aims at highlighting the relevance of this science across countries. The event will generate a positive move for action to further support taxonomists and their work, with new opportunities and pathways. With over a million species facing extinction, the need for more taxonomists and enhanced capacity to comprehend the drivers and consequences of this shift becomes imperative. Engaging the younger generations in the study of the natural world, its patterns, and evolution is crucial. Such engagement ensures that our understanding of biodiversity contributes to fostering a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature in the times ahead.

The inaugural Taxonomy Recognition Day represents more than a singular event; it signals the beginning of a long-term tradition seeking to foster collaboration, innovation, and advocacy for taxonomy.

From Brussels to Copenhagen, Crete, Berlin and beyond, we will stand up with taxonomists to recognise their precious work!

The TETTRIs consortium consists of:
Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Meise Botanic Garden
Catalogue of Life
Europe Citizen Science Association
Finnish Museum of Natural History
Free University of Berlin – Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin
Gothenburg National History Museum, Gothenburg University, and the Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
Natural History Museum of Crete-University of Crete
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Natural History Museum of Vienna
University of Florence
State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart
Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Västra Götaland Regional

Key Details:

What: Inaugural Taxonomy Recognition Day

Who: Organised by The TETTRIs consortium

When: May 23, 2024

Why: To Elevate Awareness of the Fundamental Science of Taxonomy and its integration into other sectors

Where: Across Europe. At least 11 countries and 17 institutions. 

How: Through Dedicated Events. Open Gates and online dissemination. 

For further information and tailored contributions from our esteemed partners, please contact:

Michael Magee magee@snm.ku.dk

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