Day three at the all-hands meeting

The third and final day of the TETTRIs all-hands meeting was host to a talk from our project officer at the European Commission. Colombe Warin has been a champion of the project and our mission. Yesterday she had one main message, if we are to achieve the ambitious and necessary goals of the TETTRIs, project, we need to make an impact.

Following Colombes talk, we had a work package eight (WP8) overview from Michael Magee of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

WP8 is “Engagement, Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms and Exploitation.” Or to put it another way, impact!

We heard again of the flagship communication activity, Taxonomy Recognition Day (TRD). We agreed on a common hashtag to disseminate the activities of TRD on social media, #NameItToSaveIt. We also heard some of the novel methods used to engage citizen scientists at the Science and Society section of the Copenhagen Museum. One of those mentioned was Signs of Spring. This project asked the public to report sightings of 20 species chosen to represent the arrival of spring. The data can help us track climate effects on phenomenology.

Michael Magee

Concluding remarks were given by our technical coordinator Ana Casino (CETAF) who thanked the consortium for a positive, collegial atmosphere the previous three days, and wished us the best in the 2nd year of the project.

The 2nd TETTRIs General Assembly took place after the morning talks.

It was fantastic to have the 17 partner consortium together in person. We had many important meetings, discussions, and brainstorms. We all went back to our respective countries full of enthusiasm for meeting the challenges ahead.

We’ll see each other on Zoom real soon!


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