Day two at the all-hands meeting

The TETTRIs consortium is at the the Museum of Natural Sciences of Belgium in Brussels for a year 1, all-hands meeting. Each work package will present the major milestones and deliverables until now, as well as the plan for the next year.

Yesterday was day two of the meeting. We started the day with more pillar one (knowledge) and pillar two (systems) meetings.

Olav Veldhuizen visited from Catalyze, they are administrators of our cascading grant system. Pavla Ruzkova from the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences presented work package seven. Along with Jenn Jenny Klingberg of the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre, they also presented the plan to create a blueprint for building capacity in taxonomy.

Michael Magee of the Natural History Museum Denmark presented the plan for Taxonomy Recognition Day. This will be a flagship communications event in May this year showcasing the European Taxonomic community collaboration and highlighting the value of taxonomy to multi-sector stakeholders.

Carole Paleco and Anne Demoisy hosted the ethics and gender equality session. The TETTRIs Ethics board ensure that systems are in place for fairness and diversity in all partners and third party projects.

TETTRIs Technical Coordinator, Ana Casino (CETAF) wrapped up day two with an overview of our goals and a brainstorm on how our results can have as high an impact as possible.

The third and final day will be spent with a visit from our Project Officer, Colombe Warin of the European Commission. We will have a presentation of work package 8 – Engagement, Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation. We’ll then have the 2nd TETTRIs General Assembly.

Find the full three day program here


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