Day one at the All-Hands meeting

Group photo

The TETTRIs consortium is at the the Museum of Natural Sciences of Belgium in Brussels for a year 1 all-hands meeting. Each work package will present the major milestones and deliverables until now, as well as the plan for the next year.

Yesterday the meeting kicked-off with inspirational speeches.

Vujadin Kovacevic from the European Commission works to integrate biodiversity into sectoral policies. He gave an overview of the EU projects working to build taxonomic capacity.

Team leader of Biodiversity and Nature Based Solutions at the European CommissionGilles Doignon talked about how #taxonomy is recognised in the #EU as being essential in the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and #NatureRestorationLaw.

Ashleigh Wiffen from the National Museums Scotland gave us brilliant examples of how we can take #taxonomy out of the museum and engage with a wider audience.

Work package meetings continue on day two of the project. Day three is the TETTRIs General Assembly.

You can see the agenda for our meeting at


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