Successful allocation of Є1.8 million funding

To ensure a lasting and impactful transformation, the European-wide TETTRIs project has asked the wider community to co-create and test solutions. A call for funding was published in June, 2023. 54 applications were received from all over the continent.

Almost one third of TETTRIs Є6 million has been successfully allocated to 12 external projects who applied for this cascade-funding. These projects extend the TETTRIs community beyond the initial beneficiaries. These projects will help establish open access to collections data, design and test novel artificial intelligence and molecular tools, test training frameworks and involve citizen scientists in monitoring biodiversity hotspots.

This community-based perspective is fundamental to the entire ethos of TETTRIs.

Below are the 12 projects. In the coming weeks we will publish the details of each project.
Congratulations to the teams! Looking forward to working with you.

Topic NrProject NameProject Acronym LocationConsortiumStart DateBudget 
1Instigating a National Reference Collection for Spain’s Threatened PollinatorsINC-STEPSpainCSIC, UNAV, UCM, UV, MCNB01/01/2024 €       199,599.78 
1Aligning Reference Collections with tAxonomic Development Efforts for pollinator conservation in PortugalARCADEPortugalUC, Tagis, MNHNC,MHNC-UP,Uac,Uma01/01/2024 €       127,139.69 
1Balkan Pollinator Digital SurveyBalkan PolliSBalkan PeninsulaUNSPMF, Uaegean, SFI, PMP01/01/2024 €       198,900.00 
2Making biodiversity knowledge available: an integrative, appealing and dynamic digital dashboard for sedges (Plantae, Cyperaceae)iSedgeSpainUPO, VLIZ, URJC01/01/2024 €       196,483.53 
2Taxonomic Name Linking ServicesTNLSBelgiumVLIZ01/05/2024 €       150,000.00 
3Training Artificial intelligence models for land snail identificationTrAILSIDGermany LIB01/01/2024 €       113,815.00 
4Training for the European Orthoptera Sound SystemTEOSSEuropean Mediterranean Peninsulas and Alpine RegionAEA, University of Ioannina, Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto, IUCN01/03/2024 €       149,300.00 
5Untangling CRYPtic diversity of endemic endangered spidERS in the Mercantour-Alpi Marittime Natural ParkCRYPTERSAlpsUniTo01/03/2024 €         58,440.00 
5Implementing cost-effective genomic tools for high resolution species delimitation in recent plant island radiations in MacaronesiaNEXTRADMacronesiaNIBIO, JBCVC, RJB01/01/2024 €       176,800.00 
6Soil Meiofauna Advanced Taxonomy schoolSoilMATsItaly,Germany, Czech RepublicUniMORE, SMNSG, CAS01/09/2024 €       163,839.00 
6Lighting up the Understudied but Charismatic fireflies of Europe: mentoring early-career researchers to improve access to knowledge on fireflies of the Italian Peninsula Hotspot using TETTRIs’ name matching and linking workflowsL.U.C.E.Italy CNR, Sant’Anna01/10/2024 €         94,984.00 
7Feedback Loop: Taxonomic ID from Photo Recognition, Integrated Species distribution modeling, and Citizen ScienceFOOTPRINTS-CITSCINorwayNTNU, Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, Wild Lab Projects, Trondheim Municipality, iTrollheimen AS01/01/2024 €       166,235.00 


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