Industry and Science shake hands at the Stakeholder Lab in Vienna!

Gathering together Science and Industry in the same room. This is basically the idea at the basis of the TETTRIs (Transforming European Taxonomy through Training, Research and Innovations) Stakeholder Lab that will take place at Vienna Natural History Museum right after the end of the CETAF 54th General Assembly, the 29th of November 2023. 

A contribution of the taxonomic community gathered around CETAF, the Consortium of European taxonomic facilities, to provide knowledge, systems and services to tackle biodiversity loss. 

The TETTRIs Stakeholder lab is a collaborative effort aimed at uncovering pathways for engaging with biological taxonomy. This gathering of experts and thought leaders will delve into the significance of biological taxonomy for biodiversity research and its applications across various sectors. The agenda for this event features a lineup of distinguished contributors who will share their insights and perspectives.


16:4517:45: Networking Break with thematic exchange

17:45: Panel Session- Mainstreaming Biodiversity

18:4519:30: TETTRis presents “Taxonomist in Residence Program” TETTRIs consortium will present its “Taxonomist in Residence Program” with potential pilot cases, including a Q&A session.

19:3020:00: Networking Reception

Moderation: The event will be expertly moderated by Markus Schmidt (Biofaction) and the Deck50 Team


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