TETTRIs call for project: 10 days to go!

Time is running out for the scientists willing to cash in a contribution from 50.000 € to 200.000 €.

The deadline for sending a proposal is indeed September 30th, 2023.

OK, but to be founded for WHAT?
For helping this community project around Taxonomy, essentially.

What kind of proposal should I send?

TETTRIs has 1.8 million Euros available for external projects that can help us. These are the topics the projects will be about:
– Index pollinator collections
– Improve access to taxonomic data
– Develop and test AI for image and sound recognition
– Innovative molecular techniques for taxonomy
– Develop training programs in taxonomy
– Involve citizen scientists in monitoring biodiversity hotspots

This is only a recap. To go in-depth and understand the whole call, please read HERE.

The call was open almost 3 months ago, and we tried to give as much information and support as possible. There is a FAQ section on our website and we also held a couple of webinars in order to be directly in contact with you. Please be aware that MORE THAN ONE PROJECT can be found for every topic, so don’t be shy and apply!!!

In case of any needs, please go to the dedicated section of our WEBSITE, or write an email to: administrator.tettris@catalyze-group.com

The first webinar, July 2023

The second webinar, September 2023


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