We need a Grant Administrator: check the call out!

TETTRIs needs a specialized company to take care of the cascade grants that the project will distribute among the so called Third Party Projects (3PPs). 


TETTRIs expects a company that has the experience and the capabilities to act as Administrator of a granting mechanism, and participate in its deployment from the launching of the Call for projects until their finalization, with the delivery of their expected outcomes. 


TETTRIs aims to develop a set of novel references, tools and mechanism to support taxonomic work in the field and thus, to ensure that fundamental taxonomic research is implemented on site. Those innovations will be tested and validated in different hotspots and protected areas across Europe, through a cascade grants mechanism that will distribute and streamline financial support to local initiatives and therefore allow adequate knowledge transfer and systems validation. This impressive initiative will raise awareness on the importance of taxonomy to drive actions and to support well substantiated policies towards biodiversity monitoring and Nature preservation in Europe. That’s why we can’t do without an experienced company to take care about that! 


This Request for Tenders will expire on 25 April 2023.


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